Uniform, Girl Scout
1970 Girl Scout Uniform. (a) Shirt. Material: textile, plastic. Size: 15" x 24". Description: green cotton short sleeve shirt; six green plastic buttons down front; Girl Scout logo on button front; left front pocket; numerous pins on front pocket, patch in center; Girl Scouts U.S.A. patch on left shoulder; Cannon Valley patch on right shoulder. (b) Skirt. Material: textile, metal. Size: 13" x 21". Description: green cotton skirt; metal zipper on side. (c ) Senior Girl Scout necktie. Material: textile, metal. Size: 8 1/2" L. Description: yellow-gold cotton tie; metal snap near bottom. (d) Sash. Material: textile, metal, plastic. Size: 5" W. x 24 3/4" L. Description: dark green cotton sash; Cannon Valley, 190, patches at top; numerous metal pins and other patches attached to sash front.
Uniform belonged to donor. Waseca County Girl Scouts, Troop 190.