1900 Approximate
Porcelain Floral Pitcher. Material: glass. (a) Pitcher. Size: 6" diameter x 7" H. Description: white porcelain lustreware with a multi colored fruit transfer, spout on one side, handle on other side with raised details, scalloped along flared bottom edge.
This porcelain pitcher is an example of those given as rewards to customers from the Jackson General Store located in Palmer, an early settlement in Iosco Township, Waseca County. The store was located directly across the street from the Palmer Creamery. The owners were Segar Jackson (1863-1939) and his wife Christina (Wadd) Jackson (1880-1950). Genealogy: Alfred Wadd 1886-1963, father of Clifford Wadd 1911-1952, father of donor,Susan Wadd Mundale. Alfred Wadd's sister was Christina Wadd who married Segar Jackson (store owner in Palmer).