Print, Photographic
Elco Train Engine. Material: paper. Size: 8" x 10". Description: black and white photo taken in 1977 near the Brown Printing Company by Stan Mailer.
Stan Mailer,author and photographer of railroad history. This is an engine from the Elco Company, manufacturers of this line of railroad engines, known for their noisy, smoky diesel powered engines. Note the second, smaller engine. It is called a "slug" engine which acts as a power assist to the other two. It provides the immense electrical connection between the first engine and the third and fourth engines in this particular photo configuration. This Elco train was part of the Chicago Northwestern line. Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. C & NW Railroad. Chicago & Northwestern; Chicago and Northwestern; Chicago & NorthWestern; Chicago and NorthWestern; Chicago & North Western; Chicago and North Western; Chicago NorthWestern; Chicago North Western; C & NW; C&NW; transportation, railroad, engines, locomotives, train tracks, engineer, trainmen, steam engine, railroad station, train station, Depot.