Card, Advertising
First National Bank, Waseca, Minn. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Color lithographic print by R. F. NY shows a graphic of a broken safe and a bank book, captioned: "It has often happened. The safest place to keep your money is in the bank. The bank has it safe for you. Rather than keep your money yourself do you not wish to put it in a bank where it will draw interest and be safe? Ask those who have banked with us whether or not they like our business methods. Put your money in our bank. We pay 4 cents interest. James E. Child, President; C.P. Sommerstad, Vice President; H.C. Didra, Cashier. The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn." January 1909 calendar inset on right top. Reverse side message: "New Year's Greeting, The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn."; postmarked Waseca, Minn. 6 Jan 1909; addressed to Hugh Murray of Janesville.
First National Bank