Charles Hofmann Autobiography, Farm History and Honey Business. Material: paper. Size: 6 1/2" x 9". Description: gray hard cover, title print: "My Life"; contents: 194 numbered pages includes chapters on the childhood, boyhood and young manhood of Charles Hofmann, his parents, grandparents and wife as well as a special section on Hofmann's photography and "World of Bees" video; numerous family photos included.
Charles Hofmann was born in 1908 to Emil and Clara Hofmann on a farm northeast of Janesville, Minnesota near the eastern shore of Lake Elysian. Emil Hofmann began beekeeping in 1906 and his son, Charles continued in the business developing it into one of the most successful, single-owner honey producing businesses in the United States. Charles Hofmann became a lecturer on the University of Minnesota Program Service circuit during the 1960s. He also became an avid photographer and was known for his beautiful and detail photos of flowers and bees.
My Life
Charles Hofmann
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