Card, Advertising
First National Bank, Waseca, MN. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2". Color lithographic print by R. F. NY shows man standing next to shocks of wheat. "When you've worked hard for money put it in the bank. Its safe and handy." August 1908 calendar on right top; "A few pecks of wheat planted in the ground yield many bushels; a few dollars planted from time to time in our bank will soon make you many dollars; because your money will grow if you will let us keep it for you." Caption under photo: "Put your money in our bank. We pay 4 per cent interest." "James E. Child, President; C.P. Sommerstad, Vice President; H.C. Didra, Cashier. The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn." Reverse side message: "No losses with the First National, The First National Bank, Waseca, Minn."; postmarked Waseca, Minn. 5 Aug 1908; addressed to Hugh Murray of Janesville, Minn. R1."
First National Bank