Photograph, Transparency, Slide
Railroad Roundhouse Burning Photo. Material: film and paper. Size: 2" x 2" slides mounted in cardboard. Description: 35mm transparency slide; Railroad Roundhouse burning 1953; photographer: Don Gedosch.
Don Gedosch, uncle of the donor, was a lifelong Waseca resident who operated a Mobil gas station in Waseca located at E. Elm and 2nd St., N. E.; he also managed the Gamble's store in downtown Waseca; the aerial photographs in this collection were taken from his airplane. Waseca was a C & NW Chicago and North Western division point, or a place where engines were serviced. The roundhouse and car shops were built in 1881 and for many years provided Waseca's largest payroll. Engines were repaired at the roundhouse while cars went on the "riptrack" to the shops for repair. The roundhouse burned in 1953.