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Hotel Waverly Records
Guest book page from Hotel Waverly, 6 December 1899 and 7 December 1899. E.J. Peltier from Wisconsin; C.E. Genders from Waseca; Wm. Dahm from Winona; J.F. Coyle from Chicago; J. W. Crane from Owatonna; Geo. A. Ditering from Peoria, Illinois; E.F. Euling or Euking from Chicago; A.W. Harvey from Huron; W.L. Avery from Winona; Alvin Johanen from Watertown, South Dakota; H. Waskie from Winona; R.T. Nicolay from Winona; W.L. Williams from Winona; F Maudreus from Minneapolis; A. Lilleys from Baraboo; H.E. Stewart from Chicago; W.E. Curtis from Tracy; G.A. Zimmerman from Winona. W.N. Deits from Minneapolis; H.E. Hanson from Winona; C.F. Densel from Winona; O.S. Holland from D.; A.F. Weniger from Huron, South Dakota; L.L. Kyle from Winona; M.D.Dix from Sioux City; W.L. Henniason from St. Paul; J.W. Hilliard from Faribault; A.W. Harvey from Huron; A.C. Hageunen from Batavia, Illinois; Thos. P. Greenwood from Milwaukee; J.B. Ament from Chicago; L.W. Mitchell and wife from Hanlontown; G.P. Clark from Winona; W.W. Williams from Winona; J.M. Morse from McGregor; Joe Graff from Huron; W.W. Wright from Chicago; Sol Neuman from N.Y.; I.H. Welch from Minneapolis; J.S. Price from Tracy. (Donor's mother was Mary Kay (Kruger) Johnson. Mary's mother was Jane (Whiting) Johnson married to Russel Johnson. Jane and Russel Johnson had Johnson Drug in Waseca during the 1940s.) Number of sheets: 1