Print, Photographic
1910 Approximate
Baby with Nursing Bottle Portrait From Proechel Family Photos. 4" x 6 1/2" black and white photo of a baby wearing a white dress with wide, ruffled white lace collar is posed seated in a wicker chair; a milk bottle beside her has a long tube extending to the baby's mouth. Photographer: A.S. Hellebo, Janesville, Minn.
Photo found in Alfred Proechel's cedar chest after his death 6 August 1986, Waseca County, Otisco Township. The type of nursing bottle shown in the photo was designed with an integral glass tube and a stopper. Attached to the glass tube there was a length of Indian rubber tubing, which ended with a bone mouth shield and a rubber teat. This design of bottle was impossible to keep clean and even though openly condemned by much of the medical profession of the time, continued to sell well into the 1920's. Much of this popularity was attributed to the fact that the baby could be left unattended to feed, even before the baby was old enough to hold the bottle.