Scarf, Bureau
Pink and Purple Floral Embroidered White Cotton. Material: textile. Size: 10" x 34". Description: white cotton; pink and purple flower design on front; purple trim.
Dresser scarf made by Lillian Suemnick. Given to Phyllis (Halle) Suemnick and Walter E. Suemnick for a wedding present 10 December 1945. Walter was four years old when his mother died. His two older sisters raised him; Lillian Suemnick the eldest sister, was 13 when her mother died and Elsie (Suemnick) Henkensiefken, was 12 years old. Walter's grandmother was Grandma Abbe. Phyllis (Halle) Suemnick's parents were Robert Halle and Erma (Wood) Halle. Robert and Erma were married in 1914. Erma (Wood) Halle's sister was Helen (Wood) Papke.