Set, Book
2007 Approximate
Bower, Bowers and Bird Family History. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11 1/2". Description: green hard cover, white cover print; (a) Volume 1: Family History of Mary E., M. Veronica, A. Irene, Edward F. and Florence Bower/Bowers, Children of Thomas Bower/Bowers, Jr. and Sarah Jane Bird, including the Larkin/Madden and Flinn/Flynn Families. (b) Volume 2: Bower/Bowers and Bird (Larkin/Madden/Flynn. /Fanning). (c) Volume 3: gold printed cover, Bower/Bowers and Bird (Larkin/Madden/Flynn/Fanning). All books in set include extensive genealogical notes, photocopied documents, photographs and personal information from the author.
Bower/Bowers and Bird Family History
Philip Fox