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Toogood Ancestry, Descendants and Biographies. Material: paper. Size: 9" x 11" x 2" D. (a, b) Volume 1 and 2 Description: red hard cover, gold cover print: Toogood Ancestry,Descendants and Biographies; Capt. William Toogood and Allied Families; contents: 819 numbered pages of family lineage, sketches, photographs and biographies with genealogical fan chart, appendix and index.
This two-volume set covers the Browne-Brown and allied families devoted to the ancestors of Maude August Williams G. Toogood, the mother of Rodney G. Brown and the great grandmother of the author Betty L. Brown Sheeran a native of Waseca, Minnesota. Other familial geographical locations mentioned are Wellington, Sumersettshire, England; Chester, Massachusetts; Pleasant Grove and Rochester, Minnesota.
Toogood Ancestry, Descendants and Biographies
Betty Brown Sheeran