Scrapbook, Plowville
Plowville, U.S.A. Material: paper, metal. Size: 12" x 12 3/4". Description: green hard cover album tied with green cord; contents: newspaper clippings, poster, flyer, map, color photo and a TV Guide article detailing the events of the state and national plowing contests held at the Bob and Harlan Powell farms 2 1/2 miles north of Waseca on Highway 13 in September, 1965; includes several guest autographs.
Plowville, U.S.A. held in Waseca in September of 1965 featured several celebrities including TV star Gomer Pyle, Congressman Ancher Nelson, Gerald Ford, Minority Leader, Senator Walter Mondale, Farmers Union Secretary Archie Baumann, Farm Bureau Vice President Dillon Hempstead, NFO President Oren Lee Staley, Governor Karl Rolvaag, Miss Minnesota Jeanne Ruth, Princess Kay Mary Ann Titrud, the singing Kahnke Brothers and organist Ruth Kozan.