Print, Photographic
1910 Approximate
EACO Flour Mill Employees. 10 3/4" x 14" black and white photograph; large group of men, most wearing EACO hats; identified as EACO salesmen; posed around an automobile; sticker on windshield: "I Have Driven."; brick street; photographer: George Kopman, Waseca, Minn; identified: E. A. Everett, 3rd from left in front row; 4th from left is John Aughenbaugh, partners and owners of the EACO Flour Mill. Front Row: (1) Kasebeer; (3) E.A. Everett; (4) J.W. Aughenbaugh; (10) Herman Nrouessen(sp?); (11) William Zellerberg, holding baseball. In car: (1) Vachs. Middle Row: (5) Roy Bell; (6) W.R. Everett; (7) Chester Roesler; (11) Frank Gallagher; (13) G.W. Strong. On Car: (1) Henry German. Next to Back Row: (1) W.C. Herrmoun; (2) Charles Watson; (3) V. G. Pickett; (5) Dr. Fred Prail. Back Row: (2) William Darner; (3) G. W. Everett; (4) John Thoueassen; (9) M.P. Fuller; fleet of cars in background.
Waseca business: EACO Flour Mill. See accession number 1.00.676.