Pasteurizer, Milk
1955 Approximate
SafGard Home Milk Pasteurizer. Material: metal, plastic, rubber. Size: 10" diameter x 15" H. Description: white enameled steel outer casing with inside bottom heating coil, red electrical casing on front stamped: "SafGard Pres-Vac Home Pasteurizer, Capacity 2 Gallons"; two black plastic handle grips on side; black rubber electric plug-in wire extends from side; (a) red enameled metal lid with black knob lifting handle; (d) black rubber water faucet attachment hose with white end cup; (b) aluminum milk pail with (c) lid and handle fit inside outer casing; (e) heavy bail strap with wooden knob fits tightly over aluminum pail lid; (f) extra transparent tubing cover seal.
Used on the Joe and Rosela Jewison farm north of Janesville, Janesville Township, when they were dairy farmers during the 1950s-1970s. The family would prepare two gallons of milk for their daily consumption. A rugged, heavy-duty thermostat controls the temperature, keeping it between 155° and 159° F. The thermostat automatically shuts off the heat when pasteurization is complete and then turns on a buzzer to let you know the milk is ready for cooling.