Janesville Centennial Banner. Material: plastic, metal. Size: 39" x 52 1/2". Description: white vinyl rectangle, 8 metal grommets; front graphic on left: Charles Hofmann wearing a beard of bees, on left: Rena Hinton, Janesville Historian; both shown riding in the 1956 Janesville Centennial Parade.
These 1956 photos were reproduced and hung on the car where both Charles Hofmann and Rena Hinton rode in Janesville Sesquicentennial parade 50 years after the original photos were taken. Donors, Glenn and Sharon Ewert owned and operated Ewert's Hardware Store in Janesville, Minnesota during the 1990s and through 2011. They were instrumental in the planning of the Janesville Sesquicentennial Celebration that took place June 11-18, 2006.