Uniform, Military, WWI Marine
1918 Approximate
US Marine World War I Dress Blues Uniform. (a) Jacket. Material: textile, metal. Size: 17" x 28". Description: dark blue wool coat; red piping; button on each shoulder epaulet; seven metal buttons down center; three buttons on each French cuff. (b) Pants. Material: textile, metal. Size: 14" x 35". Description: blue wool pants with white and blue lining; front fly closing with five silver metal buttons; pocket on each side; inside label stamp: Erskine.
This uniform was worn by George Wyman during his service in World War I. For all ranks, the dress blue blouse had a standing collar. Officers' blouses had five buttons on the front fly and enlisted blouses had seven buttons. Officers' blouses had four pockets on the front and those for enlisted Marines had no pockets. Only enlisted blouses had scarlet piping on the front fly, epaulets and French cuffs while officers' blouses did not. The pants were blue in color for enlisted Marines, warrant officers, and company and field grade officers. Pants for enlisted Marines were issued with a button fly and no hip pockets. Stripes were sewn on the outer seam of the trousers based upon rank. Non-rated Marines wore the trousers without any stripe. Warrant officers and non-commissioned officers wore a one and one-half inch scarlet stripe on their pants. General officers wore darker blue pants with a black mohair stripe. Enlisted dress blue blouses were made of molten wool cloth and trousers were jersey wool.