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Set, Book
Browne, Brown Ancestry and Biographies. Material: paper. Size: 8 1/2" x 11". Description: red, textured hard cover, gold cover print: Browne-Brown Ancestry, Descendants and Biographies, Thomas Browne 1628-1693, Lynn, Massachusetts and Allied Families. (a) Volume I: Ancestral names, lineage fan chart and key, honor roll, family biographies of ancestors alphabetically from Randolph Willis Brown to John Griffin, 269 pages, photos and drawings; (b) Volume II: descendant chart from John Hall to Betty L. Brown and biographies of ancestors with names from Hall to William Squire, pages numbered from 269C to 631, photos and index to both volumes.
Brown - Browne Ancestry and Allied Families
Betty Brown Sheeran
Sheeran of Stonegate Press, Washington