The Mosler Safe. Material: metal. Size: 28" x 22" deep x 38" H. Description: solid metal safe; circular door at front with crank opener; print at top: "The Moseler Safe Co., Hamilton, O."; print around door: "Waseca County"; four metal wheels at base.
Waseca County installed its new Mosler safe in November 91 1896. Small circular spot at back of safe removed in order to unlock door at front. See photos. The Mosler Safe Company was a manufacturer of security equipment, most notably safes and bank vaults, beginning in 1867 and ending with its bankruptcy in 2001. Founded in Cincinnati by Gustave Mosler as the Mosler-Bahmann Safe Company, it outgrew its original factory and relocated to Hamilton in 1891, where it remained until its 2001 bankruptcy.