Print, Photographic
1925 Approximate
Young Woman Outdoors. Material: paper. Size: 2 1/2" x 4 1/2". Description: black and white photo; young woman, straight short hair, short-sleeved middy dress, dark flat shoes, white long stockings, posed outdoors on hexagon pavers; brick building in background.
Dora Kiewatt Quade (Barb Strauss' paternal grandmother), Barb Strauss' mother, Irene Flemming Quade, Irene's sisters Rosina, Minnie, Lydia Roemhildt Flemming all graduated from Mankato Teachers College and were Waseca County rural teachers in the 1930s. Regarding the sofa pillow in picture: Camp Crowder south of Neosho, Missouri in 1941, was the post intended to serve as an armor training center. The U.S. Army selected the Neosho site for the base because of its proximity to water, railroads, and highways.[1] As it was constructed, it was re-designated as a U.S. Army Signal Corps training center. It was named for Enoch Crowder, a Missouri general who was instrumental in developing the draft for World War I and the Selective Service. The post also served as an infantry replacement center and had a small German prisoner of war detention facility.