Chair, rocking
Rocking chair. Material: wood. Size: 25 1/2" W. x 39" H. Description: wooden frame; a finial tops each back upright post; seven wooden spindles on back; three wooden spindles under each arm rest; seat has a circular pad in center that is brown and tan brocade with a rose pattern; the headrest is a geometric pattern with a velvet pad in center.
This chair was owned by Waseca County Pioneer - Anne MacDaugall. On bottom of chair in black marker: "#2??" and "2" meaning category 2 - some old processing location. Donation from Lynn Gunsolus 41.80 came with two chairs, maybe number 2 indicates the second chair? Rocking chair owned by Mrs Robert (Anne) MacDougall. Mrs. MacDougall was an early settler in Wilton Township. She passed away in 1932. Robert and Anne were among the settlers before Minnesota was admitted to the Union. Anne was from Canada and Robert was from Scotland. Mrs. Carol J. Jeddeloh of New Richland is the granddaughter of Anne MacDaugall.