Print, Photographic
1930 Approximate
Jean Ann Priebe and dog Curly. 5" x 7" black and white photo. Photo taken in the sun room in the home Jean Ann grew up in, 1003 East Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN. Photographer: Stiehl, Waseca, Minn.
Bruce and Jean Ann (Priebe) Lundholm Estate. This family ran the mink ranch in Waseca, MN. The day Jean Ann was born her father, E.C. Priebe, brought home this dog, Curly. Jean Ann and Curly had 14 years together. Curly was Jean Ann's protector, they spent Summers at the lake together. During the school season Curly would wait by the big tree next to the road and wait for Jean Ann to come home from school. One day when Jean Ann was in first grade, Curly followed Jean Ann to school. Curly followed her into the classroom and sat down next to her. The teacher tried to get Curly out but she would not go. The teacher got the principal, but the principal could not get Curly to leave. They called Jean Ann's mother, Merle Jane. Merle Jane came down to the school and asked Jean Ann, "Why didn't you take her out?" Jean Ann replied, "They didn't ask me."