Print, Photographic
1949 Approximate
Lundholm Floral Shop. 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" black and white photo. 108 2nd Avenue S.E., Waseca; building was located across from Dr. Rieck's office 109 2nd Avenue S.E., Waseca.
Bruce and Jean Ann (Priebe) Lundholm Estate. This family ran the mink ranch in Waseca, MN. Bruce and Jean Ann Lundholm started a floral business called Lundholm Floral right after they got married in 1949. The business was located next door to the Priebe implement store on 2nd Ave SE. They specialized in weddings. They had the business for four or five years and then it caught fire. They never rebuilt. Today, (2010), the Lindner Discount Liquors store is located where the floral shop once stood: 108 2nd Ave SE, Waseca, MN.