1867 Approximate
Waseca County Promotional Pamphlet for Immigrants, 1867. Material: paper, plastic. Size: 9" x 11". Description: clear vinyl cover, blue vinyl spine binding; contents: photocopies of an original pamphlet with title: Waseca County in Minnesota as a Home for Immigrants; this pamphlet is dedicated to laboring men who earn a livelihood by honest toil; to landless men who aspire to the dignity and independence which comes from a free home on God's green earth; to all men who wish for homes in a beautiful, healthful, fertile, productive country; includes early Waseca history, geographical sketch, lakes, forests, climate, agriculture opportunities, homesteading, railroads, schools, timber, soil, productions, early settlement and population, property values, mail, public buildings, etc.
Photocopies of a booklet promoting Waseca County as a home for immigrants written by James E. Child.
Wasesca County in Minnesota as a Home for Immigrants
James E. Child
Wilton Weekly News Office