Booklet, Hair
5" x 4" Hand-made booklet of be-ribboned locks of hair of friends and family members, identified and dated as early as 1858; Jacob Bushong 1971, Eliza Bushong, Hanna Boyer, Hanna Bushong, Elam Bushong 1859, Laura Bushong 1858, Elias Seywick, Jacob Brubaker, Samuel Brubaker, 1874, Sara Brubaker 1887, Edith Brubaker 1886, Anna Belle Brubaker 1877, May Brubaker, L. Eldridge 1884, Lizzie Ann Kriede, Susan Murphy, Laverne Murphy, Edwin Brubaker, Emma or Earna Cooley.
This little hand-made booklet is made of ruled school paper, bound together by sewing thread and needle. Each lock of hair is tied with a ribbon and sewn to the page with penciled note about its owner, a name and a year, and some with age (at the time or at death in some cases).