3194 a,b,c
1965 Approximate
(a) and (b) Stockings. Material: textile. Size: 4" W. x 24". Description: green nylon - stretch knit - tube style. [c] Envelope. Material: plastic. Size: 6 1/4" W. x 11" L. Description: pink background outlined in white - graphic of woman showcasing stockings - information printed in black on envelope: "Seamless fits sizes 8 1/2-11 R.N.36838. 100% Stretch Nylon" - printed in white on envelope front: "Esprit" - four pictures on back of girl wearing stretch nylon stockings, headings in black print: "Town Wear, Sports Wear, Campus Wear, and Casual Wear."
Purchased in 1971. These stockings were extensively used in 1960s and 1970s.