37.88.3 a,b
Knife, Pocket
1925 Approximate
Material: metal, plastic. (a) Knife. Size: 5/8" W. x 3 1/4" L. with 1 5/8" L. shorter blade; 2" L. longer blade. Description: white celluloid handle - two steel blades fold into handle - engraved plate on blade: "Stainless Supreme" - engraved on blades: "Axel Nilsson Swedish Steel". (b) Knife. Size: 1/2" W. x 2 3/4" L. with 1 1/4" L. shorter blade; 1 1/2" L. longer blade. Description: two blades - silver colored side plates - engraved on longer blade plate: "G" - engraved on large blade: "Essex Cutlery" - strap for chain on one end.
Belonged to Frank Goodspeed. Item 37.88.3a deaccessioned 4-4-06 reason: duplicate. Item 37.88.3b remains in collection.