Grain Donations are Win-Win Philanthropy

Every year the Waseca County Historical Society ramps up for year-end Annual Fund giving. As it is also harvest time, we ask the farming community to participate with grain donation—it is a way that will benefit them, too! The Society established accounts at area grain dealers and handlers. You need only inform the grain site manager of your intention to designate a portion of your harvest to benefit WCHS. The amount is determined by the price on the day of designation. There can be significant tax savings for you, the donor, and WCHS gets the donation. Win! Win! 

Why should you support WCHS? Because it is the primary steward of Waseca County history, and agricultural history is a large part of that history. Donations are needed for Operations that cannot be funded with project or capital grant resources. WCHS is a successful nonprofit local historical organization working at its mission to keep the history secure and accessible for all residents—past, present, and future. It provides a significant element of the county’s culture providing quality of life. During that last ten years WCHS has met strategic goals, raised funds for timely building improvements, received many project grants for infrastructure that provided for new exhibits, programs, and learning. Why wouldn’t you support WCHS?

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