NRHEG Star Eagle
1923: Ben Smith; Ernest Kroeger; N. E. Lowery. 1946: Gene Mobley; Billy Bell; Ken Finseth; Reuben Jacobson; Leonard Mortenson; Ben Mortenson; Earl Lange; John Kelleher
City of Wilton; Wilton Hotel; Smith & Kroeger Auto Repair; Lewer, Woodhall Co. 1946: Red Cross; Waseca County Fair Board; Red River Gang; Waseca Jaycees; New Richland Fire Department
1923: Cities and Towns; Wilton Business; History; Sports; Advertisement; Agriculture; Travel; 1946: Safety;
Looking Back 1923: Wilton City Charter Dissolved; Auto Repair; Baseball Dispute; Browns Valley Visit. 1946: Swim Lessons; Free County Fair; Legion Baseball Victory; Lange Moves to New Home; Kelleher Fire Thank You Response; Polio Scare
New Richland