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Jacket, Life

Material: rubber, textile. Size: 11 1/2" W. x 27 1/2" L. (uninflated). Description: gold and black - U.S. Air Force & Navy life preserver - military equipment description stamped in black: "Vest Life Preserver. Type B - Specification Contract - W-535-AC-29299 (0376) United States Rubber Company property Air Force, U.S. Army." Soiled.

Motor, Outboard

Champion Outboard Boat Motor. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 9" W. x 36" H. x 19" Deep. Description: Silver metal boat motor; black plastic handle grip; red plastic pull starter at top; blue plastic grip handle on top; print on silver metal around edge with blue lever: "Stop, Slow, Start, Fast"; graphic of a man with fishing pole sitting in a boat with motor on back; print on center: "Champion Outboard Motor Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota"; Instructions on side; "Blue Ribbon Champion."

Motor, Outboard

Neptune Outboard Motor. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 9" W. x 38" H. x 22" Deep. Description: Silver boat motor; red metal at top; yellow plastic handle grip; print on silver metal: "Neptune, Muncie Gear Company, Muncie Indiana, Model No. 17A3, Serial No. 1-40524'; engine lubrication instructions on side.