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Material: metal. Size: 3 1/2" W. x 6 1/2" L. x 3" deep. Description: blue light metal - red handle - gray bottom plate - modified oval shape - handle extends vertically from one end to the other - teardrop shaped raised design on top of iron - stamped into bottom plate: "Made in U.S.A."

Register, Cash

Toy Cash Register. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 6 1/2" W. x 7 1/2" H. x 7 1/4" deep. Description: red metal case with white plastic keys stamped for transactions of the following cents: 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and $1.00 - red "No Sale" key; spring loaded cash drawer slides open when any key is pushed; key amount flag pops up in window at top of register.

Money, Toy

Material: metal. Size: 3/4" diameter 5-cent piece; 5/8" diameter one-cent and ten cent disks - (a) 5-cent piece: cowboy's head on one side lettered "Play Nickel Falsa Pecunia" - reverse stamped "5" and "Uncle Sam 1950 Play Nickel". (b) 1-cent piece: centered with a flag and stamped: "Uncle Sam 1950 Play Penny" - reverse stamped: "Play Penny Falsa Pecunia". (c,d) ten-cent piece:stamped with a shield and lettered "Play Money Falsa Pecunia" - reverse stamped "10" and lettered: "Uncle Sam 1950 P ... more

Clothes, doll

Blue Bolero Doll Jacket. Material: textile. Size: 15 1/2" W. x 6" H. Description: dark blue cotton challis, bolero style; long sleeves; orange feather stitched trim on front; round high neckline.

Clothes, Doll Skirt

Blue Doll Skirt. Material: textile. Size: 18" W. x 15" L. Description: blue cotton challis skirt, hemline styled longer in back; orange feather stitched trim around hemline; back closure with 3 1/2" L. placket.

Clothes, Doll

PLACEHOLDER (a) Dress. Material: textile, glass. Size: 15" W. x 7 3/4" L. Description: white cotton organdy - full skirt gathered to waistline - back closure with two 3/8" W. glass buttons in a 5" L. placket - pinafore style - 1/2" W. lace trim around sleeves - round neckline edged with white tape - 1 1/2" W. x 2 1/2" L. white dotted swiss overlay edged with 1/2" W. white lace at waistline. (b) Apron. Material: textile. Size: 5" L. Description: light blue dotted swiss - skirt apron - gathe ... more

Telephone, Toy

Red Metal Toy Phone. Material: metal, textile. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 6 1/4" L. x 3 1/2" H. (base); 2 1/4" W. x 2" D. x 7 1/2" L. (receiver/mouthpiece). Description: red enameled metal, cream colored center dial with ten finger holes for dialing; internal bell activated by dialing; patterned cotton cord connects receiver to base; green bottom.


Armand Marseille Doll. Material: textile, mohair, metal and paper. Size: 8 1/2" W. x 22 1/2" L. x 4 1/2" deep. Description: pink and white bisque head - painted facial features - movable eyelids with eyelashes - white teeth show in the parted lips - jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees - blond hair, white cotton chemise and pantaloons - printed at back neckline: "Made in Germany 1912 - 4".

Animal, stuffed pull toy

Model Horse Pull-Toy on Wheels. Material: wood, textile, metal. Size: 12" W. x 12 1/2" L. x 4 1/2" D. Description: black horse shaped toy with a black mane, light brown tail and wearing a bridle, saddle and martingale; the toy is mounted on wooden platform; four wheels are attached to the platform with a string attached on one end for pulling.


1902 Bisque Headed Doll. Material: bisque and leather. Size: 6" W. x 18" L. x 3" deep. Description: off-white bisque head, chest, lower arms and hands, painted facial features, open eyes, teeth visible in open mouth; brown leather stuffed body; brown hair; white eyelet dress and cap, two white cotton slips, white underwear and stockings.


(z) Box top. Material: paper. Size: 7 1/4" W. x 10 3/4" L. X 1 3/4" H. Description: multi-colored paper over cardboard - imprinted: "Safety Blocks 3024" - graphic of two children playing with blocks, a dog, two houses. (aa) Box bottom. Material: white paper over cardboard. Size: 7 1/8" W. x 10 5/8" L. x 1 3/4" H. Container for block set accession #1189 a-aa.


Metal Dump Truck Toy. Material: metal. Size: 2 7/8" W. x 9" L. x 4" D. Description: green, red, yellow and blue painted tin dump truck style; blue box lined in yellow, green cab with red engine cover; spring wind up mechanism no longer works.

Canoe, Miniature

Material: wood. Size: 2 1/4" W. x 8 1/4" L. Description: tan exterior - brown inside - two seats - hand-lettered on one side: "Made by Nels Tyrholm 1893 for grandson".

Toy, Duck Pull

Wooden Ducks. Material: wood, plastic, metal. Size: (a) Two Duck Toy. 3 1/2" W. x 8 1/2" L. Description: yellow, red and blue wood; one yellow duck and one red duck each has a yellow plastic beak; a metal rod attaches head to body; ducks rest on metal frame with two wheels. (b) Two-duck toy. Size: 2 5/8" W. x 5 1/4" L. x 3" H. Description: blue wooden duck and yellow wooden duck attached to each other and on wheels.

Animal, stuffed

Material: textile, button, sawdust. Size: 4" W. x 8" L. x 2 1/2" deep. Description: brown wool - teddy bear toy - sawdust stuffing - black button eyes - jointed arms and legs - black embroidered nose and mouth - red ribbon around neck - felt jaws.


PLACEHOLDER Material: bisque, paper mache, textile. Size: 3 3/4" W. x 8 1/2" L. x 3" thick. Description: flesh colored bisque head - painted facial features - jointed arms, legs and head - white cotton with pink striped gauze undershirt and long stockings - natural cotton muslin long gown. Condition: chipped fingers and body.


Hertwig China Head Doll. Material: ceramic, textile. Size: 6" W. x 15" L. x 3" deep. Description: white china head - black painted hair and white face - head marked: "Patent applied for/Germany" on back - gold painted across ceramic chest: "Dorothy" - white cotton over stuffed body - ecru cotton dress trimmed in white ecru crochet lace - black knit stocking legs.

Service, tea

Tea Set. (a) Teapot. Material: ceramic. Size: 2 1/2" W. x 4 1/4" L. x 4" H. Description: white porcelain - cylindrical shaped - triangular shaped handle on one side - long, curved spout on other side - gold luster painted trim on spout, handle, rim and encircling the upper pot body - pinkand green floral design on a round black background on one side intersected by encircling gold stripe. (b) Lid. Size: 1 3/4" diameter x 1 3/8" H. Description: white porcelain - domed shape - open loop handl ... more

Top, gyroscope

Material: metal and paper. Size: 2" W. x 2" L. x 2" D. Description: red, green silver and gold gyroscope - "Bestmaid" and "Made in Japan" stamped information - white paper over cardboard original box top and bottom - gyroscope pictured on boxtop.

Swing, lawn

Material: metal, glass. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 7" L. x 3" D. Description: (a) Canopy. Red and white striped metal. (b) Swing. Clear glass seat - removable metal bottom under seat - metal wire arms attached to canopy - information printed on swing: "West Bros. Co., Grapeville, Pa., Serial No. 2862, Net Wt. l oz."


Material: metal. Size: 1 1/2" W. x 4 1/2" L. x 2" D. Description: green painted metal boat - blue deck house with red roof - multi colored figures - sailor at red helm - flag flies at each end - wheels on bottom.


Livestock Car. Material: wood. Size: 8" W. x 14" L. x 5" deep. Description: natural, red, green and black painted wooden box car - one hinged door opens on both sides - printed on all sides: "Livestock Express Co." & "M.E.C. & S. Rail Co." - manufacturer: Converse. Set contains wooden animals #7197b-k.


Material: metal and wood. Size: 2 3/4" W. x 3 3/4" L. x 2" deep. Description: metal iron - natural brown wooden handle - miniature of adult "Mrs. Potts sad irons with forged stretcher handle" as listed in 1902 Sears Catolog - oval shaped iron - removable wood handle curves over top or iron - small wooden knob locks handle to iron.


Material: wood, metal. Size: 1 7/8" W. x 4" L. x 2 1/2" deep. Description: curved wooden handle attached to a black iron wedge tapered at both ends - raised letters on iron: "The Pearl" and three stars. Part of a set with iron rest #7057 b.

Dustpan, Toy

Material: metal. Description: green metal rectangular pan edged on three sides with a lifted border of red and gold metal - design on pan: three children at seashore - gold cylindrical handle extends from top of pan. Part of set with broom #7041b.