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Hammer, Railway Spike

Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad. M & St. L Railroad Coal Pick. Material: wood, metal. Size: 9 1/4" W. x 22 3/4" L. Description: iron head, pointed on one side and flat on other side; stamped across head: "13239.."; stamped across other side: "M & St. L."; long wooden handle extends through iron head.

Reamer, Flue

Railroad Flue Reamer. Material: metal. Size: 3" W. x 3" D. x 12 1/2" L. Description: steel tool - cylindrical shaped - adjusting threaded bolt at one end - several leveraging slots and moveable parts move on central cylinder.

Torch, Railroad

Railroad Torch. Material: metal, textile. Size: 2 5/8" diameter x 14" L. Description: brass cylinder; narrower threaded and adjustable cylinder at top holds torch wick head; stamped on bottom in four places: "H. A. Read".

Tool, Railroad

Material: wood, metal. Size: 2 1/4" W. x 14" L. Description: brown, natural wood - hand carved - wedge shaped pry tool with metal strip over pry wedge - wedge extends into a long shaft handle.

Tool, Railroad

Train Window Opener. Material: wood, metal. Size: 2 1/2" W. x 20 1/4" H. Description: metal head shaped to fit train window lock; head attached to long wooden shaft handle.


Material: metal. Size: 14" L. Description: black metal container - handle on one side - lid at top and bottom - two metal rings on other side.

Shovel, Coal

Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad. M & St. L Railroad Coal Shovel. Material: wood, metal. Size: 37" x 8 1/2". Description: wooden pole handle extends into a cutout opening at top - "M & St. L R.R." identification carved deeply along handle side - rusted iron scoop riveted to handle at lower end.