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Material: textile. Size: 16" W. x 17" L. Description: white cotton batiste - four rows of lace trim and edging around the v-necked bodice - lace over narrow satin ribbon shoulder straps. Labeled: "Small" and "Schrank's".

Slip, Child's

Material: textile, shell. Size: 22" W. x 20" L. Description: white cotton - scoop neckline - sleeveless - skirt gathered to dropped waistline - 3-button closure in back placket - narrow band of crochet trim around neckline, armholes and hem - 4" W. band of crocheted lace insert encircles lower skirt area above hemline.

Slip, Child's

Material: textile. Size: 15" W. x 15" L. Description: white cotton - scoop neckline - sleeveless - one-piece garment - 1/4" W. white lace trim around neckline and armholes - hemline edged with 1" W. band of white lace - back closure with one white button.

Slip, Baptismal

Material: textile, shell. Size: 25" W. x 18" L. Color and description: white linen top and cotton skirt, plain round neck, sleeveless - skirt gathered to waistline - scalloped eyelet hemline - back neckline closure with three white buttons.


Green Opaque Panty Hose. Material: textile, paper. Description: green opaque nylon - cellophane wrapper - Gaymond brand.

Slip, Child's

Material: textile. Size: 12" W, 25" L. Color and description: White cotton, with plain round neck, sleeveless and open at shoulders, white crocheted edging around bottom.

Suit, Union

Material: textile, shell. Size: 26" W. x 44" L. Description: white cotton knit - front closure from round neckline to crotch area with five buttons - back closure with a one-button seat flap - long sleeves - long pant legs - inside label: "Size 12 - Jim Penney".

Undershirt, Child's

Material: textile. Size: 22" W. x 11 1/2" L. Color and description: white cotton lawn - square neckline - short sleeves - narrow white rickrack insert on each sleeve - sleeves edged with narrow band of white tatting - front opening from neckline to hemline.

Belt, Garter

PLACEHOLDER Elastic Garter Harness. Material: textile, rubber, metal. Size: 9 1/2" W. x 15" L. Description: white elastic cotton straps - harness construction: one strap over each shoulder connected to a horizontal bodice strap and a horizontal waistline strap - four vertical straps extend below waistline - one rubber garter and metal clasp on each vertical strap end - metal length-adjusting buckle above each garter.


Material: textile, button. Size: 13" W. at waist by 16" L. Description: white cotton muslin - four-gores gathered into waistband - closes with a button and button hole - each leg hem is edged with 1" W. lace.


Material: textile. Size: 17" W. x 14 1/2" L. Description: white cotton birds eye - "Redifold" design - double layer center - contoured edges for pinning.

Suit, Union, Girl's

Long One-Piece Underwear. Material: textile, celluloid. Size: 14" W. x 51" L. Description: white, cotton knit long underwear; narrow set in yoke of white cotton with neckline tie; front bodice closure with five white buttons in vertical placket; flap opening in seat.

Slip, Child's

Slip. Material: textile, button. Size: 45" W. x 30 1/2" L. Description: white cotton; scooped round neckline; back bodice closure with three white buttons and buttonholes; sleeveless; skirt is gathered into high waistline seam; eyelet ruffle with scalloped edge at hemline. Yellowed.

Slip, Child's

Slip. Material: textile. Size: 72" W. x 29" L. Description: white cotton; round neckline; sleeveless; back bodice opening; long flowing skirt gathered to high waistline; six horizontal rows of pintucks encircle lower skirt area; hemline finished with 1 1/2" W. eyelet edging.

Uniform, Navy Drawers

Sailor's Long Underwear. Material: textile, celluloid, metal. Size: 18" W. x 31" L. Description: gray wool knit knee length underwear with ecru cotton waistband, front fly closure with three celluloid buttons and buttonholes, back seat drawstring woven through six metal grommets; stamped inside waistband: "25% cotton. Contract NXSX 36715 Size 34. U.S.N."

Underwear, Child's

Janesville Knitting Mill Children's Underwear. Material: textile. Size: 11" W. x 7 1/2" L. Description: white cotton double knit - back waistband reinforced with elastic tape - banded pant legs.

Slip, Child's

Child's Slip. Material: textile, shell. Size: 22" W. at bottom x 17 3/8" L. Description: white cotton batiste; scoop neckline; sleeveless; skirt gathered to waistline; narrow white lace edging around neckline, armholes and scalloped hemline; hemline trimmed with six white lace edged circlets each centered with a white embroidered flower; back closure with three tiny white buttons and buttonholes in a bodice placket .

Bloomers, Child's

Girl's White Cotton Bloomers. Material textile. Size: 11" W. x 12 3/8" L. Description: white bloomers; upper pant legs gathered to waistband; button holes at sides, center front and center back; banded pant leg bottom edges trimmed with 1" W. white lace.

Undershirt, Child's

Janesville Knitting Mill Children's Undershirt. Material: textile. Size: 7" W. shoulder to shoulder x 11" L. Description: white cotton knit - round crew neckline - short sleeves.

Suit, Union

Men's Long Underwear. Material: textile. Size: 30" W. x 42" L. Description: white cotton under suit with a deep round scooped neckline with drawstring; sleeveless with shoulder straps; front opening at crotch; thigh-length pant legs; tag: "U.K.M. Size 46."


Material: textile. Size: 33 1/2" W. x 41" L. Description: pink and white cotton half slip - four gores gathered to a 3/4" W. waistband - back closure with 1 shell button in a 12" L. placket - two ruffles embroidered in white encircle lower edge of skirt.

Undershirt, Child's

Child's Undershirt. Material: textile. Size: 11" W. x 8" L. Description: white cotton shirt with a square neckline, short capped sleeves, front opening; all edges hemstitched with 1/4" lace trim.

Binder, Obstetrical

PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 9" W. x 44" L. Description: white cotton knit tube - label: "Trade Mark, Those Arnold Knit Goods, Novelty Knitting Co., Cohoes, N. Y."

Binder, Obstetrical

PLACEHOLDER Material: textile. Size: 15" W. x 48" L. Description: white cotton knit - straight tube construction - reinforced seams - machine bound ends - label: "Trademark. Those Arnold Knit Goods, Novelty Knit Co., Albany, N. Y." Some small snag holes, 1 small brown stain, and a stain from marking tape present.

Brassiere, Wedding

Jessie A. McGrath Clayton Wedding Brassiere. Material: textile. Size: 5 1/2" W. x 29 3/4" L. Description: pink silk and cotton - ribbon shoulder straps - two hook-and-eye assemblies in back front straight, uncupped band faced with pink cotton bias tape on all edges. Small holes and fading.