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PLACEHOLDER Material: wood. Size: 1" diameter x 9 1/2" L. Description: brown cylindrical peg - point at one end.

Rod, lightning

Material: metal. Size: 1 3/4" W. x 10 1/4" L. x 3/4" thick. Description: dark metal - spiked and branch type design - threaded hole at bottom - one "branch" broken at tip.


Material: wood, glass, metal. Size: 36" W. x 83" H. Description: mustard yellow wood - one horizontal panel below a tall frosted glass window - black metal door handle and back plate on right - black and gold painted letters on door: "Iversen Law Firm".

Finial, Lightning rod

Lightning Rod Finial. Material: metal. Size: 4 1/2" W. x 8" L. Description: steel - twelve-point starburst finial with center decorative hole; threaded on one inside end - 5/8" W. opening to attach to lightning rod.

Enframement, Door

E. A. Everett Residence Front Door. Material: wood, glass, metal. Unit size: 6 1/2' W. (includes top molding width) x 9' H. (includes threshold and top molding height) x 8" deep (includes door frame). Description: dark oak stained 8' H. door; metal hinges, knobs and decorative escutcheons; white painted frame and lintel; oval frosted, etched and beveled glass insert: 26 1/2" W. x 52" L.; egg and dart design oak trim encircles the oval pane; top frame trimmed with dentils and crown molding. Se ... more


Everett Residence Porch Rail. Material: wood. Size: 6 1/2' L. x 23 3/4" H. x 5" deep. Description: white painted upper and lower routed rails; twenty turned vertical spindles between horizontal rails; section of front porch railing from the E. A. Everett house. See accession 1.99.1034. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.

Urn, Garden

Everett Residence Cement Garden Urn. Material: cement. Size: 20" diameter x 18" H. Description: cast/turned gray concrete urn; classic vase-shaped pot with a foot pedestal; ordinarily used as plant container. This particular urn is one of the two that stood on either side of the front porch steps of the E. A. Everett home at 209 N.E. 9th St., Waseca, Minnesota. See accession 32.168. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.


Spike. Material: metal. Size: 1/2" W. x 4 1/4" L. Description: rusty metal spike; pointed at one end; square head.

Cover, Flue

Material: metal. Size: 8" diameter. Description: white painted metal - red and black painted flowers and lady on center of cover - silver metal back - written on back: "Used to close stove pipe opening in wall."


St. Mary Stained Glass Window. Material: glass, wood. Size: 71 1/2" W. x 63 1/2" H. Description: multi-colored glass with a green stained glass border next to brown stained and finished Gothic pointed arch wooden frame; glass inset letters on banner pattern across pane: "St. Mary's Church".


Memorial Hospital Cornerstone. Material: stone. Size: 10" W. x 14" H. Description: marble oval shaped stone - one stone: "19" - on the back of stone: "Cornerstone of Waseca Memorial" - other stone: "21."


Cement Slab. Material: concrete. Size: 21 1/4" square x 2" D. Description: gray cement slab - stamped on front: "W.F. Rourk Artifical Stone Sidewalk."


Vivian Church Cross. Material: wood. Size: Description: white painted wooden cross - on back in pencil: "Cross from Vivian Lutheran Church so. [southeast] of Waldorf, Otto Arnoldt and Dick Sandberg" - this church identified as the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Waldorf.


Herter Coompany Door. Material: wood, metal, glass. Size: 35" W. x 85" H. Description: darkly finished oak, lower oak single-panel, upper frosted glass panel lettered in black: "Herter's Importing Co. Office"; three hinges on one side, brass plate holds brass knob set (one knob missing); Argent lock set above handle.

Tile, Drain

Clay Drain Tile. Material: clay. Size: 12 1/2" H. x 4" diameter. Description: 1) red tile; round flat bottom. 2) dull reddish brown; square. 3) brown; hard glazed; hexagon shaped. 4) red; two inch diameter passage for water.

Tile, Drain

Drain Tile. Material: clay, plastic. Size: 12 1/2" H. x 4" diameter. Description: 1) 5" plastic tile guard. 2)3 1/2" clay tile. 3) 3" clay tile. 4 & 5) 3" clay tile; flat bottom. 6) 3" clay tile; flat bottom. 7) 2" clay tile; flat bottom. 8 & 9) 3" clay tile; square. 10) 3" six-sided clay tile. 11) 3" tile; flat bottom. 12) 5" clay tile; ribbed. 13) 4" plastic tile. 14) 3" clay tile; narrow flat bottom. 15) 4" concrete tile. 16) 4" clay tile. 17) 5" clay tile; hi flow. 18) 1" clay tile; paperw ... more

Plaster, Wattle

Wattle Plaster Wall. Material: plaster. Description: white plaster; willow stick and hair mortar wall.

Brick, Building

Adam Bishman House brick, Otisco. Material: ceramic. Size: 3 1/2" x 7 3/4" x 2 1/4". Description: cream colored brick.

Office, Post

Smiths Mill Post Office. Material: wood, metal, glass. Size: 6' 9" L. x 6' 5" H. x 1' 10" D. Description: wooden frame post office box holder; glass windows in front; wooden counter with two drawers on employee side.


Winona and St. Peter Railroad. W & St. P Railroad Stained glass window from St. John's Episcopal Church, Janesville, MN. Material: glass, metal, wood. Size: Description: stained glass; held together by strips of lead; wooden frame; cross at top: "Sobriety, Truth & Justice, and Morality"; train graphic in center; "The gift of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers of the W. & St. P.R.R." Winona and St. Peter Railroad. W & St. P Railroad.


1920s Faucet. Material: metal, porcelain. Size: 11" x 12 1/2" x 8" H. Description: iron faucet; two white porcelain levers labeled hot,cold; one white porcelain cross handle labeled city.

Pipefitters Kit

1895-1972 Knutson Plumbing Pipefitters Kit.

Eavestrough, Wooden

Wooden Eavestrough or Eave Trough. Material: wood. Size: 10 1/4" L. x 11 1/4" W. x 5" H. Description: natural wooden eavestrough; made from a single log.

Cap, Newel

Everett Residence Newel Cap. Material: wood. Size: 4 1/2" H. x 5 1/4" W. x 5 1/4" D. Description: dark stained oak newel post finial cap; square; fluted design at top; square knob at top; two wooden dowels at base. Newel cap was located on the second story stairwell railing post furthest away from the stairs. See accession 66.01.4. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.

Fretwork, Spandrel

Everett Residence Spandrel Fretwork. Material: wood. Size: 13" H. x 69 1/4" L. x 2 3/4" D. Description: dark oak stained spandrel fretwork; 19 spindles flanking center design; hobnail and flowing circular design in center; egg and dart design at top. See accession: 41.11.2, 41.11.5, 41.11.6, 66.01.7, 66.01.8, 66.01.122, 66.01.218, 66.01.219. Everett Residence, Everett House, Everett Home.