Tollefson Family Papers
Receipts and cancelled checks from the Janesville State Bank written by Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Tollefson to businesses and utilities for home and personal expenditures; signatures of Carrie Ayars, Buzzell, James Barnett, R. R. Brown (Village Recorder), Walter Hollmichel, Luke Converse, Mrs. J. W. Clark, Mrs. C. W. Eastman, P. K. Empey, C. D. Ford, Agnes Fratzke, John Finley (custodian), Christ Grams, William Grimmel, J. M. Gordon (Pastor Salary), Mrs. F. J. Harris, H. C. Hellikson, Jerry Hogan, F. L. Hagen, S. Hodgkins, V. A. Hirscher, J. W. Jennison, Janesville Ice Company, Louis Janda, Dr. L. A. Kahnke, Mrs. Roy Keyes, H. Lange, Mrs. Frank Morrill, Dr. H. I. Miner, Albert Moeri, J. W. Michaelson, C. H. Nerbovig, O'Toole, H. F. Quade, Frank Priem, A. S. Price, Mary Richter, Anna Reuter, C. Rickermann, F. W. Roesler, Leslie Roberts, T. H. Savage Sr., Smith & Williamson, E. O. Herter, W. L. Scott, Martin Sexton, R. J. Saase, Cynthia Seaman, C. H. Schafer, S. W. Theelke, D. J. Ugland, Lee Wilson, Ed Willis, A. E. Willsey, Mrs. O. H. Tollefson (Treasurer of the W. C. T. U.) and Mike Zell; business receipts from Thomas Foley Furniture & Undertaking, Cannon Valley Telephone Company signed by Pearle Day, Standard Lumber Company, Janesville Village Treasurer's Office of Waseca County signed by Mr. Roesler County Treasurer, and a notary commission acknowledgement signed by D. J. Dodge, Clerk of Court. Number of sheets: 61