Waseca County Historical Society Records
Waseca County Historical Society Newsletter. History Notes, Volume 37, Issue 2, June 2015. Contents: cover photo of Brisbane Barn and William Brisbane; WCHS 2015 Board of Directors; Staff; Hours; Photographs: spring luncheon T.J. Malaskee, Edgar Barens, Larry Hofmann, luncheon guests, Peggy Korsmo-Kennon; Upcoming events; letter from Co-Executive Directors Joan Mooney and Sheila Morris; Photographs of visitors dancing to the jukebox, St. Mary Church memorial site restoration; William Brisbane history; House split into two and relocated, photographs included; Timeline Preview, Herter Swap Meet and Chautauqua flyer; City of Waseca Heritage Preservation Commission Awards; Barden's Bar reveals stained glass skylight hidden for 50 years; Essential Herters Collectors Collection; Thanks to Volunteers; Members; Donations; Memorials; Projects and Possibilities; Museum Shop photographs. Number of sheets: 11