Bierman / Herbst Family Papers
Number of sheets: 2 1975 handwritten letter to Luella and Marguerite Herbst of Pasadena, California from Clara Bierman who recently moved to the Edina Towers in Minneapolis; information included about the Bierman family reunion held in Waseca, their picnic in Clear Lake Park and their visit to the Waseca County Museum; the Biermans were hosted at the museum by Mrs. Lambert who was substituting for Elizabeth Noetzel, how the family toured the Bierman Room exhibit and how their visit in the museum was videotaped and later watched at their home on a television set; a note is enclosed listing those in attendance: Bill Bierman, Janice Bierman, Billy Bierman, Dick Bierman, Louise Salfeetz (N.Y.), Dorothy Kirby (N.J.), Susan Salfeety, Grandma Clara, Grandpa Bernie Bierman, Harlow, Gertrude, Marjorie Olander (Detroit), Ann Syverson, Gary Syverson, Cari Salfeety, Coreen Salfeety.