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Jennison Family Papers
Folio Flour Sack Covers. When they would embroider the flour sack they would trace over the design that was already on the flour sack, however, this design is completely original and the embroidery is done in Belgian National colors and included the National Crest of a Pelican pricking its breast; made in Sewing Shop in D'Anvers, Belgium in 1916. Inside front cover print from flour sack: "Belgian Relief Flour from Jennison Bros. & Co., Janesville, Minn." Back cover is reverse side of flour sack. "ABC" print on back cover. This folio was presented to John W. Jennison for his contributions to the Belgian famine relief during and immediately after World War I. Donor, Newell Searle, received this folio from Faith Jennison Scott, a great aunt. John W. Jennison was a flour miller and banker in Janesville. The Jennison mill produced Jersey Lily flour. During WW I, the mill produced flour for the Commission of Relief in Belgium, a humanitarian program that fed Belgians in areas occupied by the Germans. In return, Belgian women embroidered the flour sacks and sent them to the Commission and some of them were sent to the suppliers as a gesture of gratitude. Number of sheets: 1