30.13.1 h
Wood / Mitchell / Webb / Proechel Family Papers
Number of sheets: 35 Correspondence from Lorin Wood, Eva Howard, Anna Howard, Pa Howard and Harold Mitchell includes courtship letters exchanged between Eva Howard of Trent, Iowa and Lorin G. Wood of Waseca including a letter from Lorin G. Wood requesting permission to marry Eva and the letter of consent from Eva's father, Mr. Howard to Lorin Wood in January 1880; references made to Waseca people include Mr. Broughton, Mrs. Whipple, Bert Loring, Fred Goodspeed, Comee girls, George Goodspeed, Mr. Brubaker, Walter Child, Orpheus Parmlee, W. G. Ward, Kinder, Brownell, Fisk, Bailey, Horace Chase, Mrs. Eckenbeck, Mrs. Jameson, Elling Johnson's night blooming Cereus flower event and the death of Preacher Russel of Janesville; one letter to Eva from her father.