Herter's Records
Number of sheets: 1 Preparation page for Herter's Inc. Cookbook III page 255; black and white photo of three Herter children picking apple-bananas. Jacques (Jack) P. Herter, Christian (Chris) Dupont Herter and Joseph (Joe) McLinn Herter. Caption: "Picking apple-bananas. They taste about like apples. Hawaii does not produce bananas as good in quality or as large as Central American bananas. They produce a sub-species of the "Gros Michel" or best Central American banana but it is smaller and less tasty. They call them "Bluefields." The serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden hid in a bunch of bananas. The early botanists called the fruit musa paradisiaca or "fruit of paradise" and also musa sapientum "fruit of knowledge." The fruit at first was called "apple of paradise" or "Adam's fig." The word "banana" comes from a tribe in the Congo and means "the one that could be eaten raw." "Plantain" was the name used for those that had to be cooked."