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Hess Family Papers
Notice of Classification card for Alonzo "Stub" William Hess 1 October 1945. Classified into Order No. 7, Class I-C Disc, classified by Local Board. Alonzo "Stub" William Hess was born in Waseca to Charles J. Hess and Ida E. (Hunt) Hess on 28 June 1909. Alonzo was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church and graduated from Janesville High School in 1927. Alonzo attended University of Minnesota for one year 1929-1930 and became certified as an embalmer / funeral director. Alonzo worked for Arnoldt Furniture and Funeral Home in Janesville, MN. Alonzo served in World War II. After the war he married Hazel Oftedahl of Pemberton. Alonzo passed away in 1990. Alonzo's wife Hazel was donor's mother's sister. Number of sheets: 1