1908 Approximate
Toddler's Shoe. Material: leather, textile, metal. Size: 1 1/2" x 4" x 3" High. Description: black leather shoe with a white canvas high top; metal lacing grommets and cord ties; tan leather sole.
This toddler's shoe was worn by Archie Carl Lortis who was born in Waseca in 1905. For Archie's 3rd birthday, his mother decided to give him a train ride on the Chicago Northwestern going west towards Janesville and Mankato. Archie was all dressed up and wearing his best little shoes. When his mother took him to the train restroom, little Archie took off one of his shoes and dropped it down the toilet bowl which emptied directly onto the railroad track below. Archie's daughter donated the mate to the lost shoe that was kept in the family all these years as a reminder of her father's lost shoe birthday story!