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Suemnick Family Papers
Notice of classification for Walter E. Suemnick 27 November 1941, form D.S.S., Form 57 signed by Thomas E. Savage, local draft board member. Army Service Forces Transportation Corps notice that Sgt Walter E. Suemnick returned to the United States on ship from France 7 October 1945. Separation Qualification Record for Walter E. Suemnick 26 October 1945. Honorable Discharge certificate for Walter E. Suemnick 26 October 1945 showing his participation in the battle of Normandy in northern France as a combat infantryman. Phyllis (Halle) Suemnick was married to Walter E. Suemnick on 10 December 1945. Walter was four years old when his mother died. His two older sisters raised him; Lillian Suemnick the eldest sister, was 13 when her mother died and Elsie (Suemnick) Henkensiefken, was 12 years old. Walter's grandmother was Grandma Abbe. Phyllis (Halle) Suemnick's parents were Robert Halle and Erma (Wood) Halle. Robert and Erma were married in 1914. Erma (Wood) Halle's sister was Helen (Wood) Papke. Number of sheets: 4