E. F. Johnson Company Product. Messenger 124 CB Transceiver. (a) Case. Material: metal, glass, plastic. Size: 11" L. x 6" H. x 9 1/2" Deep. Description: gray metal case; speaker at top, bottom and sides; black and silver front; print at top: "Messenger One Twenty-Four"; glass covered signal strength gauge and dial knob 1-23; two black flip switches: "MOD, SWR, PWR" and "Noise Limter on and off"; four dials along bottom: "PA Squelch", "Volume", "MIC Gain", "Tune"; electrical cord attached at back. (b) Microphone. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 4" W. x 8 1/2" H. Description: gray metal microphone base and handle; silver mouthpiece; E.F. Johnson Company logo in center of mouthpiece; "Johnson" on front of black plastic talk bar; black cord attached at bottom of base.
Waseca business: E.F. Johnson Co.; E.F. Johnson Company; E.F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co.; E. F. Johnson Company; E. F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters. The Waseca E.F. Johnson Company museum closed the summer of 2015. John S. Oblak was the E.F. Johnson Company museum curator and donated items to the WCHS collection.