Dryer, Hair
1965 Approximate
Dominion Portable Hair Dryer. (a) Hair Dryer. Material: metal, plastic. Size: 10" W. x 3 1/2" Deep. Description: white plastic case; gold metal trim; white plastic handle; hair dryer and accessories inside. (b) Box. Material: paper. Size: 11" x 13" H. Description: cardboard box; blue background; sketch of the hair dryer closed and open; white and black print on front: "Model 1830, Dominion Portable Hair Dryer"; on box side: sketch of a lady using the hair dryer; black and white print on side: "Model 1830, Dominion, beautiful way to dry your hair"; black and white print on side: "Model 1830, A New Appliance Free Replacement Guarantee if defective within 1 year, 120 Volt-AC only, Dominion Electric Corp., Mansfield, Ohio."
Dominion portable hair dryer owned and used by Hilda (Billing) Dobberstein. Hilda (Mrs. George) Dobberstein was born March 1918 and lived her entire life in Waseca County, New Richland Township, Byron Township, City of New Richland and then assisted living in Waseca. Hilda passed away March 2015.