Card, Mailing
1910 Approximate
ACO Bottling Works Private Mailing Card. Material: paper. Size: Description: brown paper; black print: "Return our cases and bottles promptly. We need them. Private Mailing Card, Place one cent stamp here, Aco Bottling Works, Waseca, Minn."; print reverse side: "Return Cases Promptly, Aco Bottling Works, Waseca, Minnesota, Please ship at once, Name, Town, State, P.O. Address, Date, 191_, Small 8oz Bottles, Large 28oz Bottles, Aco Ice Cream, Temperance Beer, Aco quality is the best advertisement you can get. Be an Aco Distributor and have satisfied customers. Notice: Take good care of our bottles and cases and return them promptly. They cost money and besides we must have them in order to give prompt shipping service. All bottles short will be charged at the rate of 3 cents for 8 oz bottles and 4 cents for 28 oz bottles."; list of type of cases below each oz bottle, ice cream and beer.
Waseca business: ACO Bottling Works