Photograph, Negative, Film
E. F. Johnson Company Army-Navy "E" Award. E. F. Johnson Company Edgar F. Johnson. E. F. Johnson Company Building. Material: plastic. Size: 4" x 5". Description: black and white photograph negative of Edgar F. Johnson shaking hands with a man in a military uniform, identified as Brigadier General Edgar L. Clewell, Asst. Chief Procurement and Distribution Services of the Signal Corps, stationed in Washington D.C.; He was at the E.F. Johnson building to confer with us on the subject of delivery schedules on contracts with the Signal Corps for replacement and spare part stocks. He spent Saturday, July 13 at the building and made a complete inspection of the plant. E.F. Johnson Company door in background; E.F. Johnson Co. building located in the 200 block of 2nd Avenue S.W., Waseca, MN.
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