Photograph, Transparency, Slide
E. F. Johnson Company Army-Navy "E" Award. E. F. Johnson Company Employees. E. F. Johnson Company Building. Material: plastic, paper. Size: 2" x 2" photo transparency mounted in cardboard frame. Description: black and white photo of the Army-Navy 'E' Awards Ceremony at E.F. Johnson Co.; pictured: E.F. Johnson Company plant located in the 200 block of 2nd Avenue S.W., Waseca, MN. Looking South East, employees are standing in front of the building, some employees holding the Army E Award flag. Buildings to the east of E. F. Johnson Company in background.
Waseca business: E.F. Johnson Co.; E.F. Johnson Company; E.F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E.F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co.; E. F. Johnson Company; E. F. Johnson Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Company Corporate Headquarters; E. F. Johnson Co. Corporate Headquarters. Army E Navy Award; Army "E" Navy Award; Army 'E' Navy Award; Army-Navy E Award; Army-Navy 'E' Award; Army-Navy "E" Award. When this building on 2nd Avenue S.W. was built in 1936 the company had 17 employees. Additions have been built on three occasions but even those could not handle the growth of the company. A warehouse was constructed across the street at the intersection of the Chicago & North Western and Minneapolis & St. Louis railroads. When the factory had pushed its way through to West Elm Avenue, then the old Kelly garage building on the north side of Elm was taken over for production purposes. Before the move was made to the 10th Avenue S.W. plant the company had offices in what was known as the Peterson building on State Street and they had taken over the Maloney residence on 2nd Street SW. In 1924 the E.F. Johnson Co. had outgrown the Johnson Woodworking Shop and had moved to a store building on State Street. Even with an expanded retail business the company could not afford the overhead of the 22 foot wide building and an area in front was sub-let to A.H. Sievert for a jewelry repair shop. Although a new factory was built in 1936 the State Street retail store was continued until destroyed by fire in January 1942.