Cooking with Honey Recipe Booklet. Material: paper, metal. Size: 5 1/2" x 8 1/2". Description: white card stock cover stapled to 33 numbered pages; cover title: Cookin' with Honey, 190 All-Honey Recipes produced by The Minnesota Beekeepers Association; cover colored photograph collage of six food items arranged in a honeycomb shape; inside information notes that the recipes were compiled by Shirley Lind and photographed by Charles Hofmann [Janesville]; recipes divided into groups: breads, cakes, cookies, candy, desserts, pies, meats, vegetables, salads, beverages and miscellaneous.
Hofmann Apiaries.
Cookin' with Honey
Shirley Lind; Charles Hofmann; Helen Bunch
MInnesota Beekeepers Association