Pocket Dosimeter
1960 Approximate
Pocket Dosimeter, Part of Federal Civil Defense Administration Radiological Instrument Kit for Waldorf High School. Material: metal, paper, glass. Size: 1/4" diameter x4 1/2" L. Description: yellow enameled circular metal case; "Bendix" engraved on gold metal pocket clip; on barrel: Civil Defense logo; blue print: "Bendix, CD V-742, C 0729653"; white paper label: "RITF, Nov 1991"; glass covering on ends; measures exposures from 0 – 200 roentgen (R).
Civil Defense; Emergency Management. Item located inside crate 9.15.63. The CDV-742 high range dosimeter is the standard for use in shelter, WER [Weapons Effects Reporting] Stations, emergency service organizations and vital facilities. They would also be used by the millions of civil preparedness workers that would be needed for recovery operations during the postattack period when emergence from shelter is possible.